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New Product: Blu-ray Rack

If you enjoy collecting Blu-rays of popular movies, you may have a tough time trying to store them in your CD or DVD racks. To eliminate the space problem, the new Blu-ray Rack provides you with plenty of space to store these standard Blue Ray cases. One of the best features of this rack is it’s modern acrylic design that will make your collection stand out. You'll have no problem easily finding the BD that you want to play over and over.

Even if you have a large collection of Blue Ray movies, you will find that the Blu-ray rack provides enough room for 120 regular cases. If you are worried about how it will look in your home, you can choose from several different back panels, including a black back panel, a transparent one, or even a reflective back panel. This way you can choose the option that fits best to the style of your home.

You shouldn't have a problem finding a place for your Blu-ray rack either. You can easily mount it on the wall or simply put it on the floor. If you happen to have a large collection of CDs and DVDs, this rack is designed to connect to our modular CD and DVD racks. This allows you to set up your own large wall media cabinet  that will definitely look impressive.

This item is always in stock to ensure you get it delivered fast. It comes in a kit that includes a manual that is illustrated so you can easily put the Blu-ray rack together. Within a short period of time you will have it set up in your home, providing an attractive and organized way to start storing your Blue-ray movies.

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Slotcar case put to the test

Every month the popular slotracing portal SlotForum reviews a product novelty. For its' recent issue chief reviewer Ian chose Sora's large display case for 30 slotcars in 1/32 scale. Ian describes the assembly in great detail and also shows a direct comparison of the 3 different back-panel versions.

It's a matter of taste which design you like best, as Ian pointed out:

I had initially favoured the mirrored back panel but now think I prefer the black one just for my shed, plus I don't have to keep seeing this old geezer looking out, frightening me!

The full review is available here






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Rainer's photo diorama with custom sora case

People who built their own dioramas can seldom rely on an off-the shelf display case. After all it has to fit accurately on the model landscape. Therefore Rainer decided to use a custom made acrylic case by sora to house his photo diorama. Now the model railway scenery that he uses for his life-like photos is effectively protected from dust.

Rainer writes about his experience with the sora showcase in his Bahn Bau Blog (railway modelling blog). Unfortunately it is only available in German language for now.



By the way, the case for his photo diorama had the following features:
Width: 80cm, Depth: 30cm, Height: 25cm, transparent version, without base.

A custom case like Rainer's would cost you 64,- Euro plus shipping.

I would be glad to help you finding your custom acrylic case.

Just contact me or follow the link to our case configuration tool


All the best,



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Welcome to the sora blog!

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From now on you can learn at this point about all that is possible with sora's acrylic display cases and display cabinets. Practical examples show how our customers and friends put them to use to showcase their favourite collectables. Of course we will also keep you informed about new products and special offers.


Because only the right display case will show your collectables and protect them from dust.

The Sora-Team is looking forward to your queries and comments.


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