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Number of shelves
Number of columns
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Width( outside ) in cm   
Depth ( inside ) in cm    
Height ( outside ) in cm  
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1) Select the number of shelves
2) Select the number of columns
3) Choose whether you want your rack with or without a front-panel
4) Back-panel reflective
    or transparent
5) Select the outside width and height of your rack
6) Select the inside shelf depth
7) Select the number of golfballs per
    single compartment
    Standard : max
8) Please click on "calculate" now!

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Product Information "Custom Golf-Ball Case"

Custom Golfball Case

This tool enables you to calculate the price for an custom case for golfballs with your individual measurements and specifications and to order it right away.


Technical Details

The input dimensions for the configuration tool are highlighted in the above shown schematic representation. Please note, that width and height are applied as the outside dimensions of the cabinet whereas "depth" represents the inside depth. The difference between outside and inside dimensions depend on the number of shelves and columns you select for your custom display cabinet.

You can choose between different designs of the back-panel (black, transparent or reflective) as well as you can order your individual showcase with or without a front-panel. The number of shelves as an input field means how many horizontal layers your rack is supposed to have, whereas the number of columns equals the number of vertical units. The total number of shelves as a result of your inputs (number of shelves * number of columns) will be displayed below the input fields of the construction tool. All custom display cabinets are based on the proprietary sora connector system. They are delivered as an easy to build up construction kit. The parts of the construction-kit are joined with acrylic splines. Therefore you won't need any additional tools or adhesives to build up your rack. For further information about the construction principle of the display cabinet, please check our construction manual .



1. Acrylic rack with 8 shelves and 1 column

The single-columns version of an acrylic rack can be designed with a maximum width of 30 cm if the input for 'depth' is not more than 7 cm. If both measurements exceed these limits the shelves, there is the danger of the shelves bending in the middle if you put a heavier item on it. Therefore the online configuration tool will display an error message and suggest to either reduce the width of the cabinet, reduce the depth below 7 cm, or to insert an additional column.

2. Acrylic rack with 3 shelves and 2 columns

Example 3 Shelves 2 Columns 

3. Acrylic rack with 6 shelves and 3 columns

Example 6 Shelves 3 Columns

The front-panel is made of crystal-clear 3 mm thick transparent acrylic and can be attached to the rack by hook-mounting. The side-panels of the rack have an acrylic hook, which is designed to hold the front-panel. If you order your display cabinet without a front-panel, the side panels will have no mounting hooks.

Error Messages

If a certain combination of settings is not possible, the online configuration tool will display one or more error messages. Please change the settings of your golfball case according to the error messages.



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