Rainer's photo diorama with custom sora case

People who built their own dioramas can seldom rely on an off-the shelf display case. After all it has to fit accurately on the model landscape. Therefore Rainer decided to use a custom made acrylic case by sora to house his photo diorama. Now the model railway scenery that he uses for his life-like photos is effectively protected from dust.

Rainer writes about his experience with the sora showcase in his Bahn Bau Blog (railway modelling blog). Unfortunately it is only available in German language for now.



By the way, the case for his photo diorama had the following features:
Width: 80cm, Depth: 30cm, Height: 25cm, transparent version, without base.

A custom case like Rainer's would cost you 64,- Euro plus shipping.

I would be glad to help you finding your custom acrylic case.

Just contact me or follow the link to our case configuration tool


All the best,



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