About us

Who we are

We are a German based company that specializes in the design and
manufacturing of acrylic showcases.

Our premises are located in the middle of Germany, near Eisenach.
We offer our products to our German- and English-speaking customers
through our two online-shops sora.de and sorashowcases.com

Our Factory



What we do

Our products range from displays solutions for various hobbies and fields of interest, such as:
  •  motor vehicle and railway modelling
  •  collectable figures and dolls
  •  golf balls and many more...

...over CD and DVD racks to custom designed acrylic display cases and display cabinets. Since we are the distributor, designer and manfacturer
of our own products, we will be pleased to help you with any requests for custom made acrylic products.


What is important to us

Making our customers happy is a very important goal for our company, since it is the basis for a long lasting business relationship.
We are pursuing this target by maintaining both a high product quality and a high service quality.

Therefore we are very pleased with the positive feedback that we received from the customers of our established German online-shop sora.de
and we will work hard to provide the same level of satisfaction to the customers at sorashowcases.com

Our Service Personnel at Work

Company timeline

• 1994 : established as a small family business in Eisenach, Germany

• 1999 : start of the manufacturing of acrylic display cases

• 2000 : launch of the sora.de online-shop as one of the first shops to sell
            display cases directly to the retail customer

• 2001 : sora.de products are auctioned on eBay for the first time

• 2004 : customized display cases can be order at sora.de via an online-tool

• 2006 : Sora.de product range now also contains custom made display racks
            and donation boxes

• 2008 : launch of the sorashowcases shop to service English-speaking customers

Direct Contact

Am Schunkenhofe 11
99848 Wutha-Farnroda